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West Palm Beach Probate & Trust Litigation Attorney

The purpose of probate is to provide for an orderly process of estate administration. Sometimes parties to a probate proceeding or the administration of a trust find it necessary to resort to the courts for challenge, interpretation or enforcement of a will or trust document. In the arena of probate and trust litigation, highly-charged emotional matters, such as allegations of elder abuse or animosity among family members, often accompany the resolution of complex legal issues. Dedicated and compassionate West Palm Beach probate & trust litigation attorney Jami L. Huber has the skill and temperament to effectively represent personal representatives and trustees, as well as heirs and beneficiaries, in the resolution of probate and trust litigation in Palm Beach County.

Jami L. Huber, P.A. engages in creative problem-solving and effective litigation to resolve the full range of Florida probate and trust litigation, including the following representative matters:

  • Will contests involving allegations of fraud, duress or undue influence
  • Challenges to wills alleging mistake of fact or lack of testamentary capacity
  • Disputes involving the existence of multiple wills, or the effect of modified or revoked wills
  • Challenges brought by omitted or pretermitted heirs
  • Claims alleging improperly executed wills or codicils
  • Challenges to the validity of a trust based on the competency of the settlor
  • Claims that the trust was created for an improper purpose
  • Indefinite or unascertainable beneficiaries
  • Allegations of abuse of fiduciary power
  • Breach of fiduciary duties of loyalty or impartiality
  • Unwise or imprudent investment of trust assets
  • Failure to conduct trust accountings
  • Accounting disputes
  • Interpretation of trust provisions
  • Trustee surcharge actions
  • Claims alleging incompetence or misconduct in settling the estate and the distribution of property
  • Actions to remove a trustee for negligence or misconduct, and to recoup losses

Disputes often arise when the personal representative or trustee is also an heir or beneficiary of the estate. Additionally, inter-family disputes are not uncommon in the case of an estate involving a second marriage, a disinherited child, or an heir who receives a smaller share than similarly situated class members taking under the will or benefiting from the trust. Resolution of these matters requires the assistance of an experienced probate and trust litigator who is also able to deal effectively with the strong emotional component of probate and trust litigation.

Experienced and Effective Attorney in West Palm Beach Probate & Trust Litigation

For advice and assistance in the resolution of a Palm Beach County probate or trust contested matter, contact Jami L. Huber, P.A. at our offices in West Palm Beach and Boca Raton, at 561-283-4770.

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